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Arizona State University began with a gift. What is today the largest public research university in America was once 20 acres of Tempe pasture, donated by George and Martha Wilson for the construction of the Arizona Territorial Normal School. Without that gift, wrote historian Dean Smith, “Arizona State University would have died with barely a whimper.”

For all that ASU is today, it still relies on gifts; on the support of visionaries like the Wilsons … and you.

There is a way to invest in Arizona State University that suits your philanthropic goals and financial circumstances.

Donors invest in the work of ASU either through outright gifts, which can be put to work immediately, or with planned or deferred gifts, which mature to benefit the university at a later date. You may be able to multiply your impact through employer gift matching programs.

These gifts can be categorized as:

Restricted gifts
Restricted gifts allow you to designate your gift for use by a specific school, program or purpose. Restricted gifts allow you to direct your investment to an area or challenge that is personally meaningful to you.

Unrestricted gifts
Among the most common ways to give, unrestricted gifts allow the university to allocate funds where the need is greatest or to respond quickly to unique opportunities.

You also have the option of creating an endowed fund or designating your gift for current use.

Endowments expand ASU’s permanent financial base, creating reliable, virtually perpetual income streams for such things as endowed faculty positions, student scholarships or fellowships, broad-based interdisciplinary research projects or even entire academic programs.

Current-use gifts create opportunities over the near term for the university to invest in new programs, initiatives that promote student success or other timely and effective educational opportunities.